Hello hello! If you’re looking to expand your sex toy library, there is never a better time than during Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. 

This year I’ve compiled a list of my favorite BFCM deals. Many of these are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if you do make a purchase (all affiliate links are denoted with an asterisk*). That doesn’t cost you any extra, and sometimes actually saves you more! 

Unlike 2020, I won’t be updating this list throughout the weekend with additional sales. What’s here is here. I also have 10% off in my store all weekend long, which includes the popular bundles (and additional discounts on old merch designs). 

Need some extra help finding gifts? Check out my 2021 gift guide (and my 2020 gift guide for even more awesome ideas). 

Happy shopping! 


Aisle is my favorite maker of reusable menstrual products. Their period undies are incredibly comfortable and absorbent. As a perk, they feel like actual underwear — not like a bathing suit. They also have reusable pads and silicone menstrual cups. This BFCM, they’re offering 20% off plus free shipping in the US with code BFCM2021. 

Code: BFCM2021 [Explore their stuff here]  


b-Vibe Novice Vibrating Butt Plug for Beginners

If you’re in the market for anal toys, b-Vibe is a fantastic company to explore. They have plugs in a wide variety of sizes for both the beginner and the experienced enthusiast. Some of them vibrate, some don’t. Their sale prices this weekend are variable, ranging from 25%-40% off their best-selling items. 

Code: None needed [Explore their stuff here]

Come As You Are Co-Op

Come As You Are is a Canadian sex toy co-op. If you’re based in the US, their Black Friday discount will go even further (this is a great place to shop for pricier toys). They’re also donating all November products to the Native Youth Sexual Health Network. 

Code: BFCM2021 [Explore their stuff here]

Crash Pad Series*

Crash Pad Series is serialized porn produced by Pink & White Productions. It’s all queer and each episode takes place in the same place (the crash pad). This weekend, use code DIGITAL to save 15% off a membership. 

Code: DIGITAL [Explore their stuff here if you’re 18+]


Crave makes the Vesper vibrating necklace that you’ve probably seen around. They’re a small company that boasts sleek, discreet designs. You can also get several of their products engraved with a custom message. This weekend, they’re offering 35% off with code MYPLEASURE (through November 29, 2021). 

Code: MYPLEASURE [Explore their stuff here]


Dame’s vibrators come with the best warranty in the industry. The Pom makes a fantastic vibe to use during strap-on play (for the person wearing the strap-on or the receiver). Their vibes are all waterproof, too. They’re offering 20% off all weekend long, no code needed. 

Code: None needed. [Explore their stuff here

Fun Factory

Fun Factory’s German-made products are all thoughtfully-designed, so it’s no wonder that almost every single one has a cult-like following. They’re offering 25% off all weekend, plus you can save up to an additional $60 (if you spend at least $100). We love a stackable discount. 

Code: None needed. [Explore their stuff here]

Le Wand*

Le Wand creates some of my favorite products, from their original high-powered rechargeable wand to their mini vibes. Over BF weekend, they’re offering up to 50% off — you can score a cream-colored plug-in wand for just $57.50, which is absolutely bonkers. 

Code: None needed. [Explore their stuff here]


Sex Wedge

Liberator’s sex furniture can make positions easier and more comfortable and are fantastic accessibility tools to use if you’re pregnant, disabled, or fat, too. Their liberator throw is also a favorite for folks who squirt; it’s waterproof and can hold a ton of liquid. Use code LOVEALLWAYS to save 30%. 

Code: LOVEALLWAYS [Explore their stuff here]

Lora DiCarlo*

Lora DiCarlo’s products are high-tech and very comfortably situated in the luxury market. If you’re looking to save, they’re offering 20% off sitewide this weekend. I recommend the Baci for a clitoral suction toy that provides broadpoint stimulation. 

Code: None needed. [Explore their stuff here]


Loveability is a condom company that also makes some other items that would make good stocking stuffers (no pun intended). They also product the Water Slyde, which is a water diverter that you attach to your tub faucet for discreet shower play. 

Code: BFFDAY2021 (through Sunday) and MOANDAY21 on Cyber Monday. [Explore their stuff here]


Lovehoney is a global company, but if you’re based in the UK or Australia, this is who I recommend ordering from. Love Honey also makes some affordable lingerie. This weekend they’re offering up to 60% off sitewide, no code needed. 

Code: None needed. [Explore their stuff here]

New York Toy Collective

NYTC makes fantastic, posable dildos with squishy silicone. They make soft packers, too, and all of their products come in a wide array of skin tones. They’re doing things a bit differently for BFCM 2021 — if you make a purchase of $150, you’ll get a free wand vibrator (worth $99). Use code FRIDAY to get that deal. 

Code: FRIDAY [Explore their stuff here


OhNut makes a wearable polymer ring that can be an incredibly helpful tool for folks who experience pain or discomfort with deep penetration (or folks who want to explore shallow penetration with the help of a tool). They’ve had deals all week long, but on actual Black Friday they’re having 48% off their products, making it the best time to snag one. 

Code: None needed. [Explore their stuff here]


PinkLabel is a queer-centered porn production company. I love their porn because it showcases a wide variety of bodies and people, and it’s all queer as hell. Save 15% off a membership or videos with code DIGITAL this weekend. 

Code: DIGITAL [Explore their stuff here — 18+ required to view]


Sliquid makes my absolute favorite water-based lubricants (including Sliquid Satin, which is great to use if you experience chronic vaginal dryness). They’re offering 25% off sitewide all weekend, no code needed. Go stock up! 

Code: None needed [Explore their stuff here]


Underclub is an underwear subscription service, but you can also get a membership and shop directly with them. I’ve tried a few of their products this year (and am in the midst of reviewing them). My favorite thing I’ve tried from them was the Power 2 the Flower set, which is comfy enough for wearing as actual underwear (not just lingerie). 

Code: None needed. [Explore their stuff here]


We-Vibe makes some beautiful, tiny toys. (Well, most of their toys are tiny). Over BF weekend, they’re offering up to 50% off their products. Their Tango/Tango X is a long-standing fan favorite, but the Touch X is also fantastic (especially for use during penetrative play). Try using code EXTRA10 for an additional 10% off. 

Code: EXTRA10 [Explore their stuff here]


Like their partner company, We-Vibe, Womanizer is offering up to 50% off their product line this weekend. Try using code EXTRA10 for an additional 10% off here, too. The Womanizer Duo is hands-down my favorite toy I’ve tried in 2021, and today it’s 20% off

Code: EXTRA10 [Explore their stuff here

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