Talking about sex isn't dirty.

But you might feel like it is. I work with college students and other adults to unlearn sexual shame, unlock pleasure, and heal our relationships with sex.

I talk about sex a lot.

Writers, editors, and producers reach out to me for commentary on issues relating to sexual pleasure, survivor advocacy, sex toys, sexual communication, and healthy relationships. Here are some places you may have recently found me.

You can take their word for it

Cassandra came to our campus for the first time in 2016, and that event was such a success that students were asking to have her come back by name! We promise you that if you invite Cassandra to your campus, you will not be disappointed!



Bryn Mawr College

It was a great event and I am so glad to have had the chance to learn from you. So much of what happens on campus is programming on prevention and not enough on what happens next. Thank you for filling such an important niche!

Jaime Ingrisano

Jaime Ingrisano

Arizona State University

Cassandra led a phenomenal workshop on incorporating transgender care into sexual assault forensic exams. She is an incredibly skilled facilitator and I’d highly recommend her for any sex education needs!



New York University

You Deserve Good Sex.

No matter what you've been taught or told, you're worthy of pleasurable, safe, good sexual experiences. I partnered with Rewire.News to produce You Deserve Good Sex, a new YouTube series dedicated to helping adults unlearn the harmful sex myths they learned when they were younger. The series debuts September 22, 2020. Subscribe now!

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