You can talk about it here.

Your sexuality is worth cultivating. Whether you’re dealing with sexual shame or want help navigating the toy market, I’m here to help you turn toward your sexuality with curiousity and compassion.

I work with clients ages 18+ to address a wide range of sexuality concerns and curiosities. You will have space to ask questions in a dynamic, conversational way, and you’ll be provided with post-session resources and worksheets to keep the self-discovery going.

As a heads-up, private consultations are not a substitute for therapy. If in our initial call I feel that my skill set isn’t a good fit for your needs or that it may be more appropriate to approach these issues with a therapist, I will refer you. Private consultations are also not assisted sex services.

Topics My Clients Most Frequently Explore

Sexual Shame
STI Stigma
Faith + Sexuality
Exploring Sexual Values
Introducing Kinks
Desire Discrepancies
Chronic Illness & Sex

Coming Out
Exploring Sexuality or Gender
Incorporating Playfulness
Opening Relationships
Being Present
Sexual Wellness & Care

Hi! I’m Cassandra.

I’m a sex educator who works exclusively with adults to unlearn sexual shame and improve their relationship with pleasure. I work with adults because if we didn’t get meaningful, supportive sex ed when we were younger, we still need it today!

I specialize in working with folks who want to release sexual shame. As a former victim advocate, I also specialize in working with folks with a history of sexual trauma. The vast majority of my clients are LGBQ or exploring their sexual identities. 60% of my clients are women, 25% are men, and 15% are nonbinary, agender, or gender fluid. While most of my clients are based in the US & Canada, I work with folks all over the globe!

You can use she/her pronouns for me.

Coaching vs. Consultations

The decision to pursue coaching or a private consultation is yours and yours alone! 97% of my clients pursue ongoing coaching because they want long term skill development. While some coaches require their clients to sign contracts or commit to a certain number of sessions, I believe that sexuality-related work should always be at your own pace. I do not require my clients to commit to a certain number of (or frequency of) sessions. This is your time!

Ongoing Coaching

  • Multiple one-hour-long sessions
    (first session 75 minutes)
  • Conducted over video call
  • Ideal for longer-term skill development and accountability
  • First session $70, subsequent sessions $50 each

Private Consultation

  • One hour long
  • Conducted over video call
  • Intended for limited (1-2 session) use
  • $60 per hour

Learn More

Want to learn more or see if we’ll be a good fit for each other? Request a (free, of course) 15-minute introductory call using the form below. If you’d prefer to get the basic info via email, just pick a random time on the form and let me know that you’d prefer an email Q&A session.