Have a question about sex or sexuality that you’d prefer to discuss in a dedicated, focused space? Private consultations or ongoing coaching may be good options for you.

These services are educational in nature; you will have space to ask questions in a dynamic, conversational way, and you’ll be provided with post-session resources when appropriate. Private consultations are not a substitute for therapy, and if in our initial call I feel that my skill set isn’t a good fit for your needs or that it may be more appropriate to approach these issues with a therapist, I will refer you. Private consultations are also not assisted sex services.

Private Consultation

  • One hour long
  • Conducted over video call
  • Intended for limited use
  • $60 per hour

Ongoing Coaching

  • Multiple one hour long sessions (first session 75 minutes)
  • Conducted over video call
  • Ideal for longer-term skill development and accountability
  • First session $70, subsequent sessions $50 each

Learn More

Want to learn more or see if we’ll be a good fit for each other? Request a (free, of course) 15-minute introductory call using the form below. If you’d prefer to get the basic info via email, just pick a random time on the form and let me know that you’d prefer an email Q&A session.