On-campus sex ed workshops are my bread and butter. Since 2015, I’ve taught thousands of students across the United States about sexuality and culture.

I work with student groups and student affairs professionals alike to create workshops that engage students and inspire them to think critically about boundaries, sexuality, communication, and how we’re raised to talk about sex. I believe that every institution is unique, so before confirming your workshop, we’ll discuss your students, their needs, and what your goals are for the workshop. If I’m not the best fit for what you need, I’ll refer you to a colleague who can help you out!

Cassandra is so good at seeing what it is a group needs. She is a master at assessing how to approach sensitive topics in a funny, relatable way. But it’s all rooted in facts, research, and best practices. Cassandra made me feel seen, and gave some helpful tools for reflection even after the workshop.

Desirrae, Event Attendee

I customize each and every workshop that I lead, so if you have an idea, reach out to me to discuss it. If you need help brainstorming topics, check out some of my most-requested workshops below.

Note: Due to COVID-19, all workshops for college campuses will be conducted via a secure webinar platform until further notice. I’ve taught workshops online for years, so this transition is simple for me — and I work to make it seamless for you and your students, too!

Workshop Topics

These are just my most-requested workshops, but they’re not the only ones I offer. For a complete list, or to talk about a custom workshop, email Info@CassandraCorrado.com

Playing Safely

How do you put a condom on correctly? What can serve as a dental dam in a pinch? How might your lube be sabotaging you? And what the heck is a flange? In this sexual safety workshop, we’ll work through the most frequently asked questions about physical and emotional sexual safety. This workshop is ideal for first-year students and welcome week programs.

Sex Toys 101

Sex toys aren’t one-size-fits-all. And although 23% of adults worldwide have used a sex toy, most people don’t know the basics of toy safety. In this fun and informative workshop, participants will learn about non-toxic sex toy materials, the pleasure purpose of different toy designs, the ethics of dildo-making, and more.

Supporting Survivors

The conversation about survivorship and sexual trauma is bigger than ever before. But despite our conversations about sexual violence, we aren’t talking about one essential component – how we support survivors on their journey through recovery. In this workshop, we’ll discuss real ways to support survivors on their healing journeys. We’ll cover what to say (and what not to say), understanding common post-traumatic experiences, and what support really looks like. (Spoiler alert: It’s more than using a hashtag.) This workshop is designed for survivors, their loved ones, and people who are interested in deepening their empathy and support skills.

Sex in Translation

Effective communication is an act of translation. It’s also the most basic component of healthy sexuality and relationships. In this interactive workshop, participants will develop communication skills, learn about the connection between empathy and positive sexual experiences, dissect common communication barriers, and learn about the many ways they can communicate their boundaries and desires, both verbally and non-verbally.

The Art of Talking Dirty

Pop culture is fascinated with the concept of dirty talk and sexual communication. From the Spice Girls to Jason Derulo, it’s clear that people love dirty talk — but they don’t always know how to do it. Asking for what you want can be really scary and intimidating, especially when it comes to sex. But as scary as sharing our desires and fantasies can be, it’s also incredibly hot. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the connection between everyday communication and dirty talk, why we feel shame about asking for what we want, and how communication can help you have stronger orgasms — all while practicing asking for what we want.

I’ve attended two of Cassandra’s workshops thus far and loved each one. A far cry from my experience of public high school sex ed, her workshops are funny, attention-grabbing, engaging, genuinely fun, and body/sex-positive, which makes students feel comfortable discussing something that can be really difficult to talk about!


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