Hello hello, Chrysalis Project participants! Thanks so much for joining me for the Reclaiming Pleasure workshop. Here are some bonus resources to go along with your recording!

You can keep in touch via Instagram, @FeministSexEd, and if you have follow-up questions, feel free to reach out!

ReclaimingPleasure-TCP-21 by clcorrado


Online resources:

  1. Some conflict resolution basics from Scarleteen
  2. The Scarleteen safety plan
  3. Setting boundaries information, by Love Is Respect
  4. Love Languages quiz 
  5. Conflict style quiz
  6. Autostraddle’s Yes/No/Maybe list for sexy time
  7. MojoUpgrade
  8. We Should Try It
  9. Sex-Positive Families
  10. My YouTube series, You Deserve Good Sex
  11. My on-demand workshops [save 15% on your order with code: tcp15] 


  1. Come As You Are 
  2. Healing Sex: A Mind-Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma 
  3. The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Sexual Trauma (Note: I do NOT recommend this book for people newly processing their trauma, as it includes case studies describing various types of traumatic incidents)
  4. Trans Bodies, Trans Selves 
  5. S.E.X., second edition 
  6. Our Bodies, Our Selves 
  7. Trauma Stewardship (this book is helpful for those who also working in ‘helping’ roles where they’re interacting with other people’s trauma)

A bunch of other things: 

  1. Overview of EMDR therapy
  2. Find your nearest HIV testing location  
  3. Find your closest Planned Parenthood
  4. Find your closest survivor support center (NSVRC database)
  5. Find your closest survivor support center (RAINN database — more complete!)
  6. Find an ENM-friendly therapist
  7. Find an LGBTQ-friendly doctor
  8. Anonymous STI notification service 
  9. Lucky Bloke (condom sampler packs)

Cool places to find sex toys

Many of these are affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. All affiliate links are marked with an asterisk*

  1. Good Vibrations*
  2. Smitten Kitten
  3. Babeland*
  4. Come As You Are (Canada)
  5. Self Serve Toys
  6. She Bop
  7. Sugar
  8. Good For Her (Canada)
  9. Spectrum Boutique*
  10. Enby (get an extra 10% off with code FEMINISTSEXED)
  11. LoveHoney* (they have a student discount if you have a Unidays or Student beans account)