Where do you teach?

I teach at colleges & universities across the United States at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I also offer workshops for organizations seeking to increase their proficiency in LGBTQIA knowledge and sexual health knowledge.

What are your workshops like?

When I teach, I don’t lecture. My workshops are conversation-based and interactive. We’ll giggle, sit in silence to absorb heavy moments, and have a few “WTF?” moments. Students will be as active as they want to be within the group, asking and answering questions. I allow space for anonymous questions, questioning beliefs, and for boundary-setting. And, of course, there are prizes and giveaways.

What subjects do you teach?

Sex ed is a much bigger world than our high school sex ed classes would have us believe. I believe that focused workshops allow us to learn in much greater depth than speedy “101” workshops do. While we’ll cover contraception and safer sex methods, we’re also going to talk the “how” of screwing. My educational focus areas are queer health, recovery from trauma, consent & communication, un/healthy relationships, and pleasure.

How long are your workshops?

Workshops are typically 2 hours long, with 30 minutes being reserved for questions. However, workshop length can be flexible based upon your institution and your needs.

Where did you train?

I trained at The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health. I started as an intern in May of 2012, and continued working with the organization in various capacities through May of 2016. I trained as a victim advocate with Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center, in Sarasota, FL.

What is your fee?

Send me a message to talk fees & accommodations.

Can you teach at my school?

Yes! Send me a message, and we can talk about building a workshop for your campus.