One of the ways that I make money as a sex educator is through sponsored content, primarily via Instagram. That doesn’t mean that I’ll work with any company that reaches out to me, though. I know that my followers have high expectations of me, and in turn, I have high standards for the companies that I work with.

Here are some things that I consider before doing a brand partnership:

  • Who the brand is.
    I’m not interested in working with shell corporations or companies that are buying generic sex toys in bulk just to sell them on Amazon. I am interested in working with small businesses and companies that are creating truly great products in the sexuality space. When companies reach out, I ask about their current leadership, who their founders are, and what their mission and values are.
  • What the product is made of.
    If it’s not body-safe and made with high quality ingredients, it’s not going in my. body, and I won’t recommend it to my students or followers, either. All toys should be nonporous and all lubricants and other products should be made out of high-quality, body-safe ingredients.
  • How the company advertises its products.
    When a company reaches out to me, I take a look at their website, social media channels, and product pages to get a feel for how they’re advertising. I pay attention to who they include in social media imagery, the language that they use, and if there’s an undercurrent of shame or stigma.

And finally, before I ever promote a product, I get my hands on it and try it myself. I’ll never sign a contract until I’ve had the chance to independently review the item. This step is critical — if I don’t love the item or think that my followers could love it, I won’t promote it. If the product is something that I wouldn’t or couldn’t use (like a toy for penises), the potential partnership is restricted to educational content only.

If you’re a company interested in working together, please reach out for my brand kit, full partnership guidelines, and to discuss your interests. If you’re a student or someone who follows me on social media, feel free to drop me a line with any questions about this policy!