Learning always goes beyond the classroom. Here are some resources that I think are awesome. Check them out! Note: This list is nowhere near complete, because there are so many resources out there. If you’re looking for something you haven’t found on this early list, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll send what I have your way. 

Learning about Kink & BDSM: 

Kink Academy: Kink Academy is a comprehensive library of sex-ed videos for adventurous, consenting adults. Whether you’re new to kink or an experienced player, there’s something for everyone to learn on Kink Academy.

PassionateU: PassionateU offers authentic, straightforward sexual education and instruction through videos. Their site isn’t limited to kink & BDSM — it covers a wide array of sexuality topics.

Better Porn Options: 

CrashPadSeries.com: Based on the Feminist Porn Award’s “Hottest Dyke Sex Scene” and queer sex cult classic The Crash Pad, CrashPadSeries.com continues the story of a secret apartment in San Francisco dedicated to hot, queer sex. Thanks to the voyeuristic supervision of the Keymaster — played by director Shine Louise Houston — the lube never runs out, the sheets are always clean (no matter how much you soaked them the night before), and your wildest fantasies can come true.

PinkLabel.tv: Inspired by the creativity and originality of the erotic movies she saw at Berlin PornFilmFest and other festivals, Pink and White’s director/founder Shine Louise Houston created PinkLabel.tv in 2013 to provide a hosting platform for emerging and independent adult filmmakers.

Sex Toy Reviewers:

Hey Epiphora: Brutally honest reviews that combine snark and science to answer nearly any question you could have about a particular toy.

Dangerous Lilly: A veritable treasure trove of resources on all things related to toys. Of particular note is the Reference Guide to Toxic Toys, which everyone should read at least once in their lives, but definitely more often since it updates regularly.

Better Toy Stores:

Come As You Are: Based in Canada, they’re the world’s only worker-owned sex toy shop.

Smitten Kitten: Based in Minneapolis, MN, Smitten Kitten’s staff are all trained as sex educators. They also offer resources for unaffiliated educators, and are the brains behind the Bad Vibes project, which you need to see.

Good Vibrations: Good Vibes has stores across the Bay Area and the greater Boston area. They also host an online antique vibrator museum, which is equal parts fascinating, creepy, and giggle-inducing.

The Pleasure Chest: They have stores in New York City, Chicago, and LA. Their site says “Our objectives are simple: to facilitate discovery, encourage exploration and to provide products, information and an upbeat and pleasurable shopping experience that will make you feel great.”

Babeland: Babeland has stores in Seattle and across New York, but their website is hefty enough and their customer service speedy enough that their website is plenty. Still, if you’re in the area, in-person visits are always great.