Over the past year, college students’ access to fun, comprehensive, and inclusive sex education has become further restricted. University budgets have been cut, workshops have been pushed online, and many long-standing events have been canceled entirely.

Bringing shame-free sex ed to adults is my mission and purpose—and the pandemic hasn’t changed that. I fundamentally believe that no matter our age, we deserve to learn about our bodies in a shame-free, pleasure-expansive way.

A college sex ed workshop changed my life. And now, I want to bring sex education to the colleges and universities that need it most. That’s why I’ve teamed up with ONE Condoms to bring you the Feminist Sex Ed Scholarship Contest!

About the Contest

Does your college or university really, really, really need sex ed? Maybe you’re located in a really conservative community and conversations about sex just aren’t happening. Maybe you know that your students want the information, but the institution simply doesn’t have the budget for an event. Or maybe something happened on your campus that made it clear that you need sex ed, and you need it like…yesterday.

I’ve teamed up with ONE Condoms to bring one all-inclusive virtual workshop to one college or university in the United States at no cost at all to the school or you.

Here’s what one lucky school will win:

  • One two-hour, all-inclusive virtual For Pleasure’s Sake, Pleasure in the Pandemic, or Queer Sex 101 workshop
  • Wellness kits filled with barrier methods and lube, mailed directly to your school for on-campus distribution
  • Ten raffle prizes, mailed directly to the raffle winners
  • Access to the event recording for one month after your workshop
  • Additional resources to continue learning after the event
  • Everything you need to successfully advertise your event on-campus
  • A one-hour event promotion consultation with me
  • All for no cost at all to the winning school!

The specifics:

  • The workshop must be completed by the end of the fall 2021 semester (December 31, 2021)
  • If the applicant is a student, they must be currently enrolled at the nominated institution and must continue to be enrolled throughout the fall 2021 semester.
  • Applicants may also be staff members.
  • More than one person may submit separate (or joint!) applications on behalf of a school
  • Event planning will take place over the end of the spring semester and over the summer. You must be able to be in-contact during that time period!
  • This event will only take place virtually and the event software will be provided by the presenter (me!)
  • The school must be located within the United States or U.S. territories.

The deadline to nominate your school has closed. Applications are currently being reviewed and all applicants will be notified of their status soon!

About @FeministSexEd (Your Workshop Host)

Hi! My name is Cassandra and I’m a queer sex educator. I work almost exclusively with college students and other adults to unlearn some of the pretty funky stuff that we picked up when we were younger. My work centers LGBTQ+ folks, is gender-expansive, and strives to be inclusive of a wide variety of experiences. I trained at The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health; I started out as an intern while I was an undergrad and after graduation I became the Programs Manager. I also have experience as a victims advocate, and for me, conversations about sexual pleasure can’t be separated from conversations about sexual healing. Teaching sex ed to adults is my full-time job, and it’s super fun! You can find me on Instagram @FeministSexEd. I’m looking forward to learning with you!

About ONEⓇ Condoms (Your Workshop Fairy Godparent)

ONE® is a maker of premium condoms and lubricants. ONE® features artistic, round wrappers – designed by the community through the Design ONE® Contest. ONE® believes education is a key part of reducing stigma around sexual health, and loves to partner with educators around the country. As an extension of the brand, ONE® also recently launched the myONE® brand of 60 condom sizes. Knowing proper condom fit is key for pleasure and confidence in your condom, myONE helps resolve issues such as condom slippage, squeezing, and erection loss due to condoms being too tight or small. With the world’s widest range of sizes, myONE is sparking conversations about body positivity and proper condom fit. 

About the Workshops

Tap each workshop title below to learn more about what we cover in each.

For Pleasure’s Sake

There are a lot of reasons why people have sex, but fundamentally, people have sex because they want to feel good. So why are we taught to feel ashamed of our sexual desires and pleasure?

In this workshop, we’ll tackle:

  • sexual shame
  • consent and communication
  • toy safety and other pleasure basics
  • and how you can safely explore your desires — on your own or with partners!
Pleasure in the Pandemic

If we’re meant to be keeping a safe distance from other people, is it still possible to have sex right now? And if so, how? In this two-hour workshop we’ll dive into sexual safety and how it’s changed during the pandemic, what types of sex are safe/risky, and how students can protect themselves and their communities while still pursuing their pleasure. We’ll cover:

  • Sexual health and safety
  • How to talk about boundaries
  • What types of sex are safest
  • How to reduce risk during less-safe sex acts
  • How pandemic precautions can help us be better in bed
Queer Sex 101

*This workshop is open to people of all genders and sexual orientations.

What types of barrier methods should two people with vulvas use? What do you do with a foreskin? Does liking _________ mean that I’m _________?

Mainstream sex ed probably hasn’t answered the questions you have about having sex as a queer (or questioning) person, but that’s all going to change in this workshop. In this two-hour workshop, we’ll cover:

  • What you need to know about sexual health and wellness for queer and trans olks
  • Where to find the sexual tools and toys that bring you euphoria
  • How to let go of sexual scripts and define pleasure for yourself

What people say about my workshops

“Such an amazing workshop that allows students to ask questions in a safe environment without fear of judgment. Could not recommend enough!”

— Devon Serrano, Sweet Briar College —

“A far cry from my experience of public high school sex ed, her workshops are funny, attention-grabbing, engaging, genuinely fun, and body/sex-positive…”

— Student attendee, Bryn Mawr College —

“Cassandra is a warm, open, and non-judgmental educator and natural comedian. The workshop created the safe space I needed to walk right up to my most negative inner voice and address it.”

— Attendee, Private Confidence Workshop —

“It was a great night and I am so glad to have had the chance to learn from you. So much of what happens on campus is programming on prevention and not enough on what happens next. Thank you for filling such an important niche!”

— Staff Facilitator, Arizona State University —