Tickets for the live Unlearning Shame workshop have sold out, but you can purchase a recording of the workshop and its resources with this ticket. Recorded workshops will be delivered by email on June 27.

Shame takes up so much space in our lives. It’s greedy, crowding out pleasure, connection, authenticity, and vulnerability. It wants their seats at your table. That’s especially true when it comes to sex and relationships. The shame that we’ve been taught to feel through inadequate and harmful sex education, messages from our faith leaders and families, and the media we consume isn’t natural. It’s taught, nourished, and engrained.

You weren’t born feeling shame about who you are, which means that you can *live* without shame now, too.

In this 90-minute recorded workshop, we’ll cover: 

  • The truth about shame and sex
  • How you can begin untangling shame from your life
  • Communication techniques for self-advocacy
  • How to cope when shame makes a surprise appearance

36 in stock (can be backordered)